Selection Criteria  for Charity of the Year

If you are a non-for-profit charity interested in being slected as CWN’s charity of the year, please review our selection criteria and email us at to express your interest.

1.  Beneficiaries
UK registered charity with objectives for the direct or indirect benefit of   women and/or children living in the UK and/or internationally.  (Charities operating only in the UK but without nationwide activities must have their headquarters and regional focus in London or the SE of England.)

2.  Areas of activity 

  •  Education and Training :  including but not limited to:  teaching and mentoring,  skills based training, business start-ups
  • Health/Social Issues :  including but not limited to:  women’s related illnesses, disabilities, medical research, single mothers, disadvantaged  children
  •  Poverty :  including but not limited to:  disadvantaged  communities, homelessness, hostels/refuge centres

3.  Size of Charity
Annual income up to £5million.

4.  Credible Organisation
That can evidence ongoing viability and a vision for the future.

5.  Funding
Diverse and sustainable income streams, primarily from private sector sources.

6.  Evidence of Effectiveness
The charity must be able to demonstrate success in achieving its mission and goals.

7.  Non-Financial  Contributions
The charity will make CWN aware of any needs it has where  the skills of CWN members might be provided on a pro bono   basis.

8. Other

  •  Short-listing :  No more than half of the short-listed charities shall have the beneficiaries of their activities located exclusively internationally.  No charity will be short-listed more than three times in succession.
  • Previous Support: Those charities that have received financial support from CWN in the last 5 years will be excluded.
  • Unsuccessful nominees     Charities which have previously been nominated for CWN Charity of the Year, but were unsuccessful may be nominated again.

Information is published at the start of  each year as we prepare to select our Charity of the Year. This takes places annually in Spring.