There are many ways to connect, network and build relationships through CWN.

Expand your network
Your network of contacts is one of the most useful career development tools you have.  Through the rigour of our selection process, CWN provides a high calibre environment for members to make connections and grow their professional network.

Attend our events
Our workshops, seminars and social events provide opportunities for members to meet and get to know each other.  Take a look at our current and past events to see what’s available.

Access members
Our membership directory is available only to members.  Our members use this to connect with fellow members searching by industry, role and competencies.

LinkedIn discussions
Our LinkedIn group is open to members and non-members and provides a forum to discuss a wide range of subjects and topical items.

Twitter commentary
We follow our members on Twitter as well as key commentators and relevant news feeds.  We aim to help our members keep up to date with useful and informative comment as well as some of the activities of CWN.

Access to member profiles 
For members’ only access to our database of CWN members to connect with.