The work of our Board is underpinned by our committees. We always welcome ideas, help and advice and it is especially appreciated when it comes from our members. To find out more about our committees, please contact us setting out what committee you would like to join and what you can bring to your chosen committee.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee maintains the integrity of the demographic of the CWN membership and helps the membership process.

This includes:

  • Defining the strategy for identifying and connecting with new members (including breakfasts and drinks).
  • Managing the new member process including validation against selection criteria.
  • Helping the transition process for prospective and new members.
  • Identifying and shaping relationships with potential corporate members and appointing corporate ambassadors.

Operations Committee

The Operations committee focuses on delivering operational efficiency of CWN and the membership experience.

This includes:

  • Membership lifecycle management and event management.
  • Systems and software underpinning the execution of processes.
  • Reporting and insight to support the Board in decision-making and strategy meetings.
  • Process controls and operational governance.

The work of the Operations Committee is project-oriented and includes process improvement initiatives, data and analytics, and implementation of new processes which complement and enhance the ongoing running of CWN.

External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee manages and supports our key stakeholder and partner relationships, including the CWN Charity of the Year.

This includes:

  • Identifying new partner relationships to promote and enhance CWN strategy, objectives and values (co-goaling with Membership on corporate members).
  • Proactively managing and maintaining existing CWN partner relationships, including acting as key liaison contacts for CWN sponsors and charity.
  • Managing and researching approvals process to nominate new CWN Charity of the Year.
  • Creating and fostering opportunities for Charity beneficiaries to align and connect with Corporate Sponsors.

Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee supports and enhances member communications to ensure our target audiences are well informed about CWN initiatives, our purpose and our goals.

This includes:

  • Playing an active role in supporting CWN events and leveraging our Board’s and members’ connections, influence and ideas to champion women’s contribution and success in business.
  • Making use of social media tools to extend our reach and visibility.
  • The Communications Committee also has a PR role, seeking to promote news of our achievements and our members’ achievements and to ensure CWN has an appropriate share of voice in the media on issues aligned to our values and core themes.
  • The Committee also plays a key role in the production of all CWN publications and marketing materials, ensuring collateral is aligned to our brand.

Events Strategy Committee

The Events Strategy Committee plans an annual calendar of events, in alignment with our relevant themes and objectives that is current and topical to the CWN membership. The Committee creates and develops programmes for both the personal and professional development needs of senior women leaders and shapes the social calendar for the year.

This includes:

  • Building and maintaining strategic relationships to create value and opportunities for our membership.
  • Developing ongoing partnerships with individual experts and organisations including prominent business schools and professional bodies to add value to our professional development programme.
  • Developing a calendar of high quality social events that provides opportunities for networking, information sharing and building connections with sectors including, for example, the arts, music, luxury retail, travel and fashion.
  • The planning, execution and ongoing management of all CWN events.
  • Collaboration with the External Relations Committee regarding new partnerships and fundraising for the CWN Charity of the Year at relevant CWN events.