On 22nd November CWN and RADA joined forces to host an evening built around the topic of mentoring .

This highly engaging and practical workshop was run by one of RADA in Business’ experienced coaches, Sheelagh McNamara. She led us through 90 minutes of highly interactive exercises to help each one of us build our skills, both as mentors and mentees.

We learned about the power of exuding energy and how important it is in both roles, to stand out from the crowd. We practiced breathing techniques, how to adopt a confident stance and how to “think the voice forward” for clearer articulation.

We covered a lot of ground and came away with ways to tell our stories using an easy-to-follow structure, more skilled at getting that crucial first impression right, and more confident about communicating inspiringly. We had a fascinating discussion on setting the tone for a valuable communication by being credible yet approachable – something both parties of the mentoring relationship will find useful.

There was no shortage of questions as the workshop was drawing to a close, and as we walked out of RADA’s historical studios – inspired and hungry to learn more – some wine and delicious canapes proved very welcome.