On Monday 18th July, PwC hosted a joint event for CWN and Women on Boards.

Over 50 CWN members attended Speaker Avni Mashru’s session at PwC. Avni gave a fast paced tour through key elements of accountancy and guidance to those who do not have a financial background, seeking a basic understanding of financial accounts.

The session was specifically designed for WoB targeting current and aspiring board members who are not financially literate and who are looking to develop their ability to read and analyse financial statements.

The event, topics and speaker were very well received by the audience, it offered a great forum to ask questions, discuss knowledge gaps and provide guidance for financial responsibilities.

The following topics were covered during the session:

The feedback on the event and Avni as Speaker has been excellent as some testimonials from various attendees below will testify:

“The speaker was fantastic – clear and concise for what can be a complex topic”
“The session got us all thinking….”
“Very worthwhile, I would recommend it highly for future sessions”
“The session helped demystify the complexity of financial literacy for the boardroom and I came out of there thinking, that yes, actually I could do something like this”
“The drinks reception was very well attended and people were great at mingling and networking”