How to be Brilliant Every Day – A Holistic Approach to Your Wellbeing!

Words by Maria Mackenzie

Advice on Developing Resilience and looking after your Mental, Physical and Nutritional Wellbeing

CWN held an informative and fun seminar evening recently, hosted by RPC, where a panel of experts shared their advice and knowledge on developing resilience and adopting a holistic approach to your wellbeing.

As we lead increasingly pressured and complex lives, and become subject to greater demands on our time and energy, it is essential that we are mindful of our personal wellbeing and develop the tools and techniques to respond and “bounce back”.

The evening presented a full programme, packed with evidence-based advice and techniques from a panel of experts who were on hand to answer any queries at the end of the night.

Each panelist emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for your own wellbeing and noted that a high proportion of injuries and conditions can often be prevented rather than treated. By being aware of our personal wellbeing across the full spectrum of our mental, physical and nutritional health, we can start to make simple lifestyle changes and incorporate positive routines into our daily lives.

Physical Wellbeing – Turn Your Working Day into a Workout!

Clare Fone, Founder of Westminster Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre, led an inspired discussion on the impact that stress and lifestyle choices can have on our physical wellbeing.

As a highly experienced physiotherapist, Clare has treated a wide range of clients with a wide range of conditions over an extended period of time. In her extensive experience, Clare has identified that in many cases the underlying condition could have been prevented rather than treated, if the patient had taken greater care and responsibility for their overall wellbeing.

Clare shared her practical advice based on her wealth of experience on how easy it is to make small changes to your daily routine, starting with thinking about your working day as your work out. The key is to make small changes and be consistent, for example standing or walking during conference calls, rather than spending lengthy periods of strenuous exercise on an infrequent basis. Clare encouraged us to think about our “energy bank” and “emotional bank” and as always, it is often good to check how the bank balance is looking!

It is also beneficial to be mindful of the types of exercise we do , the  way we exercise and to remember that exercise can be fun! Dancing, swimming, yoga and pilates are all encouraged and can be a good counter-balance to our hectic lifestyles.

More information and advice on consultations can be found here:

Nutritional Wellbeing – What is “Healthy”?

One of the greatest challenges in making nutritional and wellbeing choices is the plethora of information now available – how do we know “What is Healthy?” and what is credible? It was reassuring to hear expert advice from Natalia Traxel, resident nutritionist at Westminster Physiotherapy & Pilates Centre.

Natalia explained the role that stress and hormones can play in affecting our food choices, in particular in seeking out foods which are high in fat and high in sugar. This in turns creates a pain relief pattern and cycle of poor-eating which can have longer term effects on our energy levels and emotional wellbeing.  Foods which contain high nutritional value and promote overall wellbeing include avocadoes, flaxseeds and chia seeds, whilst sugars in all forms should be minimized where possible.

As always, it is important to make the right food choices based on evidence and expert advice and Natalia recommended seeking appropriate professional advice and consulting your GP for thorough diagnostics tests if needed.

Natalia has extensive experience in preventative medicine and encouraged attendees to adopt a common sense and moderated approach to diet and lifestyle.

Mental Wellbeing – How to be Resilient Every Day

Katie Ledger, Coach and Team Facilitator from Complete Coherence, provided the final panel presentation on ways to maximize your potential and be brilliant every day. Using a range of diagnostic techniques, Complete Coherence can measure and map the “Human Operating System” and develop an integrated Personal Energy Plan to maximize your development. Katie noted that in many cases, potential is underestimated and it is thought that people operate at 9-10% of their true potential. By being cognisant of our mental wellbeing, and understanding our emotional intelligence, we can begin to unlock this potential and promote greater success and wellbeing. A distinction was also made between horizontal learning and vertical development – it is important to be mindful of both and not only think about “what you know” but the “way you know it”. Further information on Complete Coherence can be obtained here:

We look forward to taking the small steps needed to make big changes in our physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing!