Membership Criteria

Our constitution defines our membership as ‘women who have held professional, executive or managerial positions at a senior level for at least five years’.

CWN members are a diverse group of managing directors, partners, non-executive directors, trustees, members of livery companies, entrepreneurs and women in the management ranks of corporate and public sector companies. Founded in 1978 in support of women in Financial Services and Law, CWN has now includes senior women from across industry in the UK, including technology, management consulting, media, real estate, accountancy and publishing, to name a few.

We consider all applications on their own merits, and encourage interested women to attend at least two CWN events open to non-members to explore the fit between what they seek and what CWN offers.  Our network provides many personal and professional benefits to its members, and we look forward to welcoming you soon to one of our events.