Our joint event with the EY Women’s network was hosted by EY at their More London Place office on Wednesday, 20th April. Start Line to Top Performance explored the link between sport and success in business and in particular, how we can apply lessons from the athletic mindset to raise our game and develop our careers. Sports psychologist Jeremy Snape, Sporting Edge Founder & Director and former professional cricketer moderated a high-profile panel that included:

  • Sandy Lucas, CWN President & GE Capital UK COO. Sandy co-leads the EMEA GE Women’s Network which spans across 35 countries and is a lifelong athlete.
  • Katy McLean MBE, Captain of England Women Rugby Team. Katy is one of the UK’s highest profile sportswomen and has developed an imitable reputation as both a player and a leader.
  • Jeremy Hallett, Partner, Business Development Leader, UK&I at EY. Jeremy is also a former professional cricketer and a partner sponsor of the EY Women’s Network and the EY Women Athletes Business Network.
  • Jason Rabinowitz, Consultant, Executive Coach & Saïd Business School Associate. Jason was the former head of Pine Street EMEA at Goldman Sachs and is a keen athlete having recently completed eight triathlons and one quadrathlon.

After an introduction about the shared mindset in sport and business, Jeremy led the panel in a robust discussion looking at some of the key attributes of the athletic mindset – the determination to achieve long-term goals, resilience in the face of challenges, motivating ourselves and others, and the importance of coaching. The discussion started with the panel sharing how they developed excellence in their careers through ambitious goal setting and maintained commitment throughout their careers. Personal stories and experiences brought the mindset to life with many examples of overcoming setbacks, the importance of goals and staying disciplined, leadership skills as well as developing a team culture. The aim was to provide fresh techniques and ideas for the audience to use in their own context. The audience was able to engage with panel throughout the discussion using a new interactive tool ( to ask questions and participate in polls.

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The discussion was stimulated by short but powerful videos from experts from the Sporting Edge digital library. Neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart spoke about developing resilience and recovery from setbacks, and Sir Dave Brailsford CBE, General manager, Team Sky spoke about staying committed to our goals. He explained how champions break down their long-term goals into the shorter term controllable processes in order to gain more control. Examples of similar videos can be found on the Sporting Edge website at:

Business itself is a team sport and we believe the lessons can be applied by everyone. The athletic mindset nurtures acceptance by bringing people together across borders, cultures and belief systems. It can promote greater tolerance and understanding among individuals and communities. For reference, an infographic of the EY research, Making the connection: women, sport and leadership, that inspired this event is included below.

Infographic women, sport and leadership – EY(Pdf)