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Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The focus of City Women Network (CWN) is to support our members to be the best they can be through activation of personal purpose, unlocking diverse talent and empowering contribution to good business. CWN aims to create the time, space and energy for members to connect, to network and to flourish in a climate driven by inclusion, well-being and belonging.

Purpose has the power to maximise both human and business potential. Our mission is to enable our members to engage with their authentic selves and to bring their purpose to life through connectivity and collaboration, shared learning, trusted relationships and, not least, having fun. 

CWN convenes inspiring women from a wide variety of backgrounds and enables them to become more resilient, open to new ideas, curious to explore, and more confident in their value and impact in business and in life. In short, the power of the collective enables each and every CWN member to be stronger and more purposeful.

What we do

CWN has been committed to providing a community network to support businesswomen for over 40 years.

We actively involve our members in our professional development, charitable and social activities. Similarly, we team with our membership, partner with organisations that share our vision and connect with the wider community to strengthen the chain of female leadership in business and in wider society. We recognise that the collaboration of different voices at all levels and from all backgrounds is key to unlocking our collective potential.

The evidence shows that a more diverse and inclusive workforce is transformational to business performance and financial resilience. Valuing difference is not only common sense; it is good for business.

CWN acts as a hub where we each have a voice and belong, where we listen to each other and engage with our membership, colleagues and partners in a common endeavour. This strength and depth is foundational to executing on CWN’s mission. Thanks to the passion and dedication of our board, our committees and the wide support we receive from our members and volunteers, we are here to support and mobilise responsible leaders of today; driving, inclusion, diversity and belonging across their businesses and investing in the leaders of tomorrow who need the help today.