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CWN Newsletter Spring 2021

CWN Newsletter Spring 2021

CWN Newsletter Spring 2021 - What can we expect in life after Post Lockdown?

Although we have passed the one-year anniversary of the first UK national lockdown, we can now feel a glimmer of hope as over 46 million people in the UK have been vaccinated and lockdown restrictions continue to ease. Many of us are looking forward to the prospect of starting to meet family and friends again and feeling some sense of normality. For a few, there remains a sense of unease around what life in the world of work will look like; especially for those who have enjoyed the comforts of working from home or who have faced the negative impacts of the pandemic such as redundancies or loss of employment.

In this newsletter we are introducing a different approach to our content. We have worked with experts from within our membership to provide us with their outlook on what post-pandemic life might look like. Let us know what you think - whether there are topics you would like us to consider, or content you would like to collaborate on.

This newsletter will cover:

  • Anne-Marie Balfe, the EMEIA Financial Services Talent Leader for EY and CWN Membership and Partnerships Committee Chair provides us with an insight into how the HR landscape within the UK has been impacted by the COVID pandemic and what we can expect it to shaped to following post-lockdown. To read the rest of the blog, click  here.

  • How organisations like BCS have adapted their culture during the pandemic? We put a spotlight on our member Jane Olds and ask questions on how her organisation’s culture has been shaped to cope with the challenges faced due to the pandemic. Click here for the full article.

  • What are your post-pandemic health goals? During the lockdown, a lot of us have gone through a health kick and really taken time to take care of health and wellbeing. Now with everything going back to normality, there is a chance a lot of us will put health at the bottom of the list. Read what Wellbeing of Women tells us about the concerns we need to consider and some tips on what we can do to refocus on our health. 

  • MarComms are excited to announce the launch of the highly anticipated CWN members-only podcast, coming in H2 of 2021. Expect a monthly episode on popular themes such as mental health, being a working parent and life in the post-Covid era. The idea of the podcast is to engage and celebrate our wonderful CWN network and we will be giving all members a chance to contribute to episodes on the topic(s) of their choice. If you are interested in participating, simply respond to the Survey Monkey questionnaire that will be landing in your inbox shortly! Also, take full advantage of your membership with our thought-provoking webinars this year. With a full and varied programme devised to support you. Read our latest summary on key points and take away from our latest event