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Our History

Our History

It was in London in 1978 that a small group of senior businesswomen resolved to follow their passions and establish the first women’s network organisation in the City of London. This group became City Women Network (CWN), a community where women could share knowledge, provide mutual support and strengthen their connections. As it grew in scope and stature, CWN’s commitment to advancing women in the workplace became a uniting force.

Our Founders did not assume that gender and diversity imbalance could be addressed simply by fostering a women’s network. However, as pioneers they recognised the growth, learning and leadership potential of a trusted community where women would benefit from the support and camaraderie of other businesswomen.

By the early 1990s the growing diversity, both in sector and discipline, within CWN started to flourish. From its origins in banking and law, CWN’s membership today, both individuals and corporates, benefits from interacting with peers from different backgrounds across multiple business sectors.

CWN today continues to evolve as a membership organisation that is passionate about strengthening the chain of female leadership and advocating difference in the workplace for the benefit of our members in business and wider society.