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Code of Practice

The CWN Code of Practice

The CWN Code of Practice (“the Code”) outlines the standards, principles, values and behaviours that CWN considers fundamental to the successful operation of our organisation. The Code also reinforces the importance of our reputation as our most valuable asset that our members, CWN associates and partner organisations can trust.

We rely on one another’s good judgement to uphold a high standard of integrity for CWN and for each of our members and to be guided by both the letter and spirit of the Code.


1. Purpose and objectives of the Code

The Code serves as a framework for ethical decision making within our organisation and outlines our principles, beliefs and commitment to the highest standards of conduct by the CWN Board, CWN committees and the conduct we expect of our members.

Similarly, the Code conveys to our members, prospective members and other stakeholders, including our associates, partner organisations and other individuals with whom we interact, who we are and what we do as a non-profit, voluntary organisation and how they can expect to be treated as a result.

The Code also serves to inform our internal and external stakeholders and other partners about what CWN values as an organisation and as a community to ensure everyone understands and trusts our mission of service to the CWN Membership.

The standards we set and the values we live by are fundamental to achieving our mission, and help us to attract talented individuals, partners and other organisations with whom CWN can collaborate to make a difference. 


1.1 Who should follow the Code

We expect CWN’s officers of the Board, our committee members, our individual and corporate members to know and follow the Code. We expect partner organisations to follow the Code in connection with their work with CWN. The Code is non-binding and may be amended at any time by CWN.


2. CWN mission and principles

The primary aim of the Board and our committees is to foster a supportive and empowering culture and environment that enables our members to grow their connections, enhance their careers and make a difference in business, in the communities and wider society.


2.1 Our mission

To create a diverse and supportive community where we can help women to grow both personally & professionally.


2.2 Our Purpose

To create the time and space for women to connect, network and develop with thought provoking content, in a climate driven by inclusion, well-being and belonging.

We see the collaboration of different voices at all levels and from all backgrounds as key to unlocking our collective potential, as the power of the collective enables each and every CWN member to be stronger and more purposeful.

To create a network that gives back to society and doesn’t shy away from the courageous conversations, so that we can provide a platform for topics that need to be discussed.


2.3 CWN principles and responsibilities


Our reputation as an effective organisation that our members can trust is our most valuable asset. It is the responsibility of the CWN Board and its officers to ensure that we continuously earn that trust. All of our communications and our interactions with our members, CWN associates and partner organisations should underline and increase their trust in us.


Our community and services should serve to make CWN useful for all our members, CWN associates and partner organisations. Whilst we recognise that these audiences are different, from individuals to corporates, we are driven by a primary guiding principle: to ensure the CWN offering is purposeful and adding value.


In striving to be useful and honest, CWN must be responsive as an organisation. We recognise relevant feedback when it is shared with us and we act upon it.


We focus what we say and do on making a relevant contribution by using our platform as a purposeful voice to advocate for our members’ interests in the workplace and beyond.


We believe at CWN that when alternative ideas, capabilities and perspectives can converge, we adapt more quickly, work more harmoniously together and navigate change more productively. We believe in listening to, befriending and helping each other.

Inclusion and Belonging

One of CWN’s core values is the promotion of inclusivity and belonging. CWN seeks to ensure that the environment for all our members is supportive, and one where individual respect is shown to all. See our Inclusion and Belonging Policy.


2.4 CWN members

Support each other

Sharing knowledge, skills and experience through our interaction with each other as individual members and with our partner organisations is fundamental to CWN’s ability to mobilise and stimulate debate and provide support on issues that matter to our members.


We encourage our members to proactively engage with the CWN community, Board members and committees. We welcome and value their feedback to help inform our thinking, make introductions and lend their expertise for the collective benefit of the Membership.


We value our members’ active participation whether by sharing expertise and experience, participating in CWN committees and events or getting involved in our work with our associate networks or our charity partners. We expect our members to collaborate openly and support each other without commercial interest or seeking business benefit.


Our members help CWN retain, identify and attract talented individuals who can in turn contribute to the vibrancy of our network by sharing our stories, our mission and information.


3. CWN values

Our values are our guiding principles that define our culture:

To be of service to our members - Acting as a mutually supportive, vibrant community committed to enriching our members’ paths of development by enabling them to collaborate, participate, progress and connect.

Integrity - We are honest, ethical, open and fair. We listen to each other, respectfully debate issues and believe collaboration is key to progress. People trust us to adhere to our words.

Diversity - We believe there is strength and value in diversity of thought, background and experience and that this is key to navigating complexity. At CWN we engage in dialogue and succeed through collaboration.  

Valuing difference - We recognise and value the strength of individual differences. We take a purposeful and inclusive approach in seeking to empower, equip and enable all individuals, at all levels, from all backgrounds, to contribute and achieve our collective potential.


4. What we do and why it matters

CWN is a voluntary, non-profit membership organisation that is passionate about strengthening the chain of female leadership to benefit our members in business, the communities and wider society. We believe that responsible business leaders treat diversity as an issue of strategic importance and recognise that a common sense of shared purpose is transformational in unlocking organisational results. 

CWN believes that creating and sustaining the environment for a more diverse and inclusive workforce is critical to business and its impact on wider society.


CWN provides a stimulating and secure environment where members can engage with accomplished individuals from different sectors and backgrounds, reciprocate connections and find camaraderie, advice and support. We believe in the growth, learning and leadership potential of a trusted community where relationships are authentic and built on mutual respect.


CWN aims to enhances members’ continuous progression through access to high quality events and speakers. We are committed to enriching both members’ professional and personal paths of development through opportunities for sharing information and knowledge.  

Promoting difference and inclusion

Being different is the one thing we all have in common, regardless of gender.  By fostering an inclusive environment where different individuals and alternative ideas and perspectives are valued, we believe we collaborate more harmoniously and productively to make better informed decisions and to solve problems.

Advancing members’ interests

CWN uses its platform purposefully to initiate and collaborate on efforts to address gender and diversity imbalance. We believe that by stimulating debate and challenging entrenched behaviours and beliefs, we empower our members to be catalysts for progress and change and to drive equality in business, the communities and wider society. We all stand to benefit.   


5. Our policies

5.1 Inclusion and Belonging

CWN is committed to developing, maintaining and supporting a culture of equality, inclusion and belonging within its community, in the planning and execution of all CWN initiatives and operations. We believe there is strength and value in diversity of thought, background and experience and that this is key to navigating complexity to achieve success.

CWN’s Inclusion and Belonging Policy sets out these standards as they apply to the CWN Board, CWN committee members and the wider CWN membership community.


5.2 Data Privacy

The personal information of our members, prospective members and other individuals with whom we interact is important to us and we look after it carefully in line with data protection and privacy laws.  Our Privacy Policy sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect, or that is provided to us, will be processed by us, and on how we communicate with you. 


6. Questions or concerns about the Code

If you have a question or concern, wish to provide feedback or have any other related queries about the Code please contact us at E: or T: 0330 133 1045. We welcome feedback and will endeavour to act upon it promptly.