Leading Through Uncertainty with Resilience and Impact

Leading Through Uncertainty with Resilience and Impact

In partnership with the Fractio Vitri network and hosted by Dow Jones, CWN put on an event for both senior leaders and for more junior women in order to learn from each other through the sharing of experiences both from personal and personal perspectives.

The event took the form of a panel discussion with speakers being Sally Todd of Northill Capital, Clare Hafner of Fintrax, Naomi Bowman of Berkeley Research Group, Charlotte Vitty of the British Transport Police and Carla Stent, Director of MCS Advisory Ltd.

Table discussions followed after the panel event when guests continued the conversations over drinks and canapes.

Themes explored included the challenges and opportunities of leading in uncertain times, the qualities required of a good leader of both teams and of oneself, leadership and gender and  life lessons  from both personal and professional perspective relating to leading through uncertainty with resilience and impact

Top tips from the panelists included the following:

  • “Outsource what you can in order to improve balance in your life”
  • “Perfect is the enemy of good”.
  • “Get to know that brings out the best and worst in yourself and work with  that”
  • “Stop comparing yourself to others and just be ‘best’ you can be”
  • “You can’t fight every battle so choose them carefully”
  • “Choose roles that enable you to be recognized whilst also being  fulfilling”
  • “Do work you enjoy as you if not, it will all become hard  and overwhelming”