Post Event Review: Algorithms and me – what’s happening in AI and beyond...

Post Event Review: Algorithms and me – what’s happening in AI and beyond...

ANZ, CWN’s corporate partner, kindly hosted this event on artificial intelligence (AI) at their stunning offices in Canary Wharf. Paul Armstrong, a leading strategist, author and speaker on the future of technology and disruption, you may have seen him commenting on the same on BBC, opened the talk by reminding us how broad the remit of artificial intelligence is, spanning everything from Facebook to Blockchain. Paul talked through the key areas of development in AI and outlined the importance of developing a strategy to incorporate AI into your business – however big or small your organisation is. He identified that it is critical to get the CEO, CTO and CDO into a room to set the AI strategy – this isn’t something that just sits with technology. It is interesting to note that most of the budget is directed to marketing.

Paul advised that it is important that we all read about AI so we can make informed decisions – whether you do or don’t want to engage with it. To help us know where to look, he was very generous in highlighting the best places to find out more information on what’s happening in technology e.g. reading Wired and recent industry updates.

Although Paul mentioned some of the more scary possibilities of AI, he was very positive about its impact and believes that fundamentally it can help us all focus on the most valuable aspects of our work.

Paul finished with an exercise to help us think on how we can leave a legacy where we work. Paul clearly knows his topic inside out and keeps up-to-date with all the latest developments. He is a very engaging personality and uses this to great effect to enthuse his audience on this wide topic. Certainly, I’m sure we will see much more of Paul in the future across our screens and boardrooms. We were very fortunate that he made the time to speak at our event.

There was much debate after the presentation, over drinks and canapes. Discussions included who else from the Executive Committee should be in the room, with the CEO, CTO and CDO, to set the AI strategy and examples of how AI can make a positive impact in our work lives.


Ana Pacheco,

Communications and Events Committee Chair