Spotlight on Jayne Berkye

Spotlight on Jayne Berkye

Jayne Berkye, Global Talent Lead at Wipro, inspires us with her drive to attract women to the technology sector and shares how she motivates herself to keep persevering.

What do you do and what does a typical day look like for you?

As Global Talent Lead, I wear many different hats. From engaging with our internal talent to negotiating contracts, no two days are the same. My typical day will be liaising with our various studios across the globe, reviewing our demand and mapping out talent strategies. Having a unique Talent Acquisition model where we are integrated into the wider team means we are not seen as a service line. As a result, we are involved in all discussions around the growth of the business.

What attracted you to working with in the technology/digital sector?

There is a distinct lack of females in the tech/digital sector and I was attracted to working in this industry in the hope that I would be able to encourage women to move into these types of roles. With the drive for STEM programmes we will hopefully see a new generation of females wishing to get involved in the tech/digital space. Working for an organisation that wishes to support and push this agenda is really important for me both professionally and personally.

What do you find inspirational/useful about the CWN?

CWN is an excellent organisation that is really focused on the ‘betterment’ of women. The previous events I have attended have focused on uplifting and developing female leaders and as a new member I have been really impressed. What’s more they have created opportunities for the members to interact with real life individuals who are happy to share their journey. I have found this extremely inspirational as there so many stories of how women have battled through adversity to reach where they are today. It inspires me to really want to encourage and share my experiences with other females also.

What was the most challenging experience you've had in the workplace and do you have any top tips for women going through something similar?

I have been in an environment where women had to work twice as hard but were not valued. My tips for women in this scenario is don’t let this get you down. Ignore the fact that you are challenged even when producing great results. Let the results you bring, tell their own story and do not be afraid to highlight you great achievements.

What motivates you to develop women in the workplace? Are there any particular women who have helped you that spring to mind?

As a female, I think it is extremely important to develop other females in the workplace. I find sharing your experiences with others can really help those in similar situations. I have had a limited number of female leaders to look up to, but there are two that stood out for me. Their strength of character and their determination to uplift other women along the way, thoroughly resonated with me as a person. It also made me realise the gift of having people to look up.

What career advice would you give your younger self?

Stay focused and whatever rocks life throws at you, grab it with both hands and run to the finish line. Even if you drop anything along the way, don’t give up.

What’s your hidden talent that others don’t know you have?

In my spare time I like to hit the turntables and DJ!

What are you reading (or watching) right now?

The Coaching Habit Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way you Lead Forever by Michael Bungay Stanier – the art of listening is a powerful thing.