How to Apply

Membership Application Process

Applicants are required to meet the membership criteria and have a CWN Member propose and second their application. If you do not know any existing CWN Members we would encourage you to attend CWN Events that are open to non-members. This will give you an opportunity to meet CWN Members and to find out more about our Network. Find out more about forthcoming events.

Joining CWN is straightforward. Having attended at least two of our events, you will have an idea of what we offer and how we operate. The next step is for you to complete the application form together with thoughts on your motivations to join CWN. We will ask you for a proposer and seconder for your application. These must be current members of CWN.

Your application will be forwarded to the Membership Committee for consideration. We aim to provide a fairly prompt response, dependant on timing of your application and Board meetings.


Membership Criteria

Our constitution defines our membership as women who have held professional, executive or managerial positions at a senior level for at least five to seven years. 

Our members are women from a wide range of senior roles including managing and executive directors, partners, non-executive directors, trustees, entrepreneurs and senior managers drawn from across the professions and many industries, as well as public and private sectors. They possess senior management experience in areas such as leading teams and/or areas of specialism, spearheading business change initiatives and/or leading significant programmes of work. They have a depth and breadth of business knowledge and commercial acumen gained through their various leadership roles and accomplishments. 

Our members have a clear connection with the strategy, purpose and values of CWN and share our passion for equality and diversity in the workplace. They are able to demonstrate their commitment to furthering female talent in the workplace through a desire to make connections, build influence and enhance their careers through actively participating in CWN events and initiatives. 

What our members are saying