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CWN Newsletter October 2020

CWN Newsletter October 2020

CWN Newsletter October 2020:

Diversity, inclusion, Black British history and leveling the playing field for all, whilst still remaining agile with our working practices.

2020 seems to have become the most eventful year for many, regardless of age. We have all been impacted following the global pandemic; making much more aware of the things that really matter to us.

October is Black History month, a time where the culture and history of various groups that make up Black communities in the UK is celebrated. This year has been important to the ongoing conversation centred around the BAME community, where feelings of exclusion have come to the forefront. Black History month is no longer just a time for celebration, but also of education and perhaps even action, whether on a personal or organisational level.

We have been working closely with one of our corporate partners ANZ during September, and we hope you have enjoyed seeing and hearing their videos across our social media channels. They have been very open in discussing their views on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Thank you to our new intern Elise Grace for her work in pulling all of this together.

Our Autumn newsletter will cover:

  • Yvette Forrester of BNY Mellon shares with us the need to educate ourselves so we truly get to grips with the unequal and inequities that Covid has shown and level the playing field for all;

  • What has changed in the UK since the BLM protests this year?

  • Insightful books written by Black British authors, some of which come highly recommended by our members;

  • Wellbeing of Women’s (WoW)urge to support women’s mental health during and after pregnancy and

  • An array of online events devised to offer you support, guidance and knowledge as a valued member.


Articles in this issue:

 October 06, 2020