Membership of CWN

We are a supportive community offering value to senior women in business wishing to advance their careers, develop professionally and personally and widen their network. CWN offers both individual and corporate membership. 


What CWN offers

A stimulating and secure environment to engage and collaborate with accomplished and forward-thinking individuals from diverse sectors and backgrounds

• A platform enabling members to strengthen their connections, grow their networks and share knowledge.

• Access to high quality, topical professional and personal development events and opportunities for information sharing to support your continuous progression.

• A long-established professional platform which we use purposefully to:

    – Mobilise and stimulate debate on issues that matter to our members, to advance their interests in the workplace.

    – Strengthen the chain of female leadership by initiating and collaborating on activity to address gender and diversity imbalance for the benefit of our members in business, and wider society


As a member of CWN (individual or corporate) you will have access to an influential and secure network where you can leverage leadership forums, professional development programmes and personal development seminars and contribute to one of our committees and our work with our partners. We encourage relationships that are social at heart, but at the same time, lasting relationships built on trust can stimulate commercial opportunities and ideas.

What our members are saying

“ Though I have always been an ardent supporter of women at all levels in the workplace, I’ve always found that the mission and vision of most women’s networks are too broad to meet the needs of all participants. More than just a network, CWN focuses on developing senior women such that they have the roadmap and skills to access C-level roles and beyond but doesn’t forget that women alone can’t make that happen. I joined CWN because it espouses that constructive, honest dialogue with leaders who may not be female is not only critical to ensuring the success of greater women into positions of power of influence, but mandatory..”

India Gary-Martin, Transformation Advisor and Consultant & former CWN President