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Charity of the Year Selection Criteria

Charity Selection

CWN's current theme of ‘Valuing Difference’ is aligned with its philosophy of diversity and inclusion.  These values are reflected in the support it gives to the not-for-profit sector. 

For almost 10 years, the Network has chosen a specific charity to support, initially over a 12 month period and more recently, for two years.

The CWN External Relations Committee has taken the decision to simplify and amend the process by which it selects its charity.  For its 2020 charity onwards, it will not invite direct applications from not-for-profit organisations/charities or from the Membership. 

As previously, the selected Charity will be chosen from those with remits relating to the Network's focus on supporting women & children, health, education & training. While large enough to be consistently stable, the organisation will be small enough for CWN’s contribution, whether financial or non-financial, to make a difference.

The relationship with the next internally chosen Charity of the Year will commence in January 2020.  The CWN Membership will be advised of its name towards the end of this calendar year 2019.